Standard seal AMTR-U

Intended use

The AMTR-U mechanical seal is designed to seal a truck trailer at the loading bay. There is no need to use any additional elements to protect the loaded goods, as the seal is fully integrated with the leveller. The main task of the seal is to limit the influence of unfavourable weather conditions on the work in the warehouse. The versatile dimensions of the AMTR-PRO model make it compatible with semi-trailers. Seals with non-standard dimensions can also be designed.

Standard technical parameters*

Application Nominal

Loading systems


3400 mm


3400 mm


600 mm

Top flap

975 - 1000 mm

Side flap

600 - 675 mm

Standard colours


*Can be adapted according to the customer’s requirements

  • the front tarpaulins (top and side) are made of 3 mm thick three-layer PVC, resistant to weather and mechanical damage,
  • the supporting structure of the seal consists of two frames articulated together by means of four arms and fabric,
  • the supporting structure is made of light, hot-dip galvanised steel profiles,
  • the edges of the seals are protected by an aluminium profile,
  • the whole structure is secured with a sloping roof that rises under pressure from the front,
  • the seal is marked with a yellow-colour warning on the front tarpaulins.

The gate seal is a hanging galvanised steel structure, covered with fabric. The sealing elements are about 3 mm thick,

additionally reinforced with several layers of polyester fibre and covered with PVC on both sides.

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