Standard seal AMTR-P

Intended use

The AMTR-P inflatable seal is the most effective and the most durable of all types of docking system seals. The air bags are harmonica-shaped, which creates an optimal seal. This type of seal is especially recommended in cases of significant differences in temperature inside and outside the room, for example in air-conditioned or cooled storage areas. Seals with non-standard dimensions can be designed.

Standard technical parameters*

Application Nominal

Loading systems


3700 mm


3500 mm

Structure depth

800 mm

Mounting height

4700 mm

Bag material

670 gr/m2

Side width of bags (inflated)

600 mm

Height of the upper bag (inflated)

1000 mm

Inflation time

approx. 30 s

Deflation time

approx. 40 s

*Can be adapted according to the customer’s requirements

  • The AMTR-P inflatable seal is made of durable, weather-resistant components:
  • the air bags are made of woven polyester, with double-sided PVC coating,
  • flexible and extremely stable protective strips made of 3500 g/m2 two-layer weaved polyester,
  • the seal has an abrasion-resistant, antistatic, hard PVC coating on both sides,
  • the front of the seal is made of galvanised steel, finished with a grey (RAL 7042) synthetic coating
  • the reinforcing profiles are made of anodised aluminium,
  • the seal is equipped with hot-dip galvanised consoles for full safety.


Both the tubular and blower seal motor are operated with one button. When the truck is being docked for unloading, the engines seal the space between the open gate and the vehicle within 30 seconds.


The upper seal air bag is extended by the shaft of the tubular motor. During expansion, the blower motor ensures that the bags are filled with air.

Maximum height


Maximum compression

500 Pa


70 dB

Engine type

R2E 160-AY 47-01

Power consumed

240 W 50 Hz

Rotational speed

2100 [1/min]

Supply voltage

230 V


4 kg

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