Loading houses

Modular loading houses AMTR-D

Modular loading houses AMTR-D

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Intended use

AMTR loading houses are an economical and ergonomic alternative to typical loading bays inside warehouses. This versatile solution can be used with all types of platforms and gate seals. The loading house can be adapted to various types of thermal insulation, several houses with the same structural elements can be arranged in a line or installed at an angle. The houses are designed both to be used in new buildings, as well as for modernising existing facilities.

House installation angles: 30, 45, 60, 90, 120, 135, 150 degrees.

Application Nominal
Loading systems
Lengths Nominal
2080, 2580, 3080, 3580, 4080, 4580 mm
Widths Structure
3400, 3500 mm
Construction height
950 - 1500 mm
Standard colours
m2 RAL 9005 (two-component resin-based paint)
Load capacity
60 kN
Water drainage
through the front edge
Maximum wind resistance
(Eurocode 3) 0,84 kN/m2
Maximum snow cover pressure resistance
(Eurocode 3) 2,00 kN/m2
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