Proximity docking system AMTR-ZSD

Intended use

The proximity docking system is an electronic system with a proximity sensor combined with signalling light devices, which streamlines the process of unloading and increases safety. It allows an efficient loading of goods and supports drivers during vehicle docking. The system automatically informs the driver of the docked vehicle and the operating personnel inside the dock that it is ready for operation.

Standard technical parameters*

Application Nominal

Loading systems

Adjustable sensor range

10 – 1000 mm

Degree of protection


Signal light

12-24 V

Set includes

Proximity sensors (2 pcs) Control box with a control system (1 pc) Intermediate sensor box (1 pc) Signal light (red – 2 pcs, green – 2 pcs)

*Can be adapted according to the customer’s requirements

  • external lights inform the driver about the distance to the dock, and internal lights signal that the vehicle has been parked and the work may begin,
  • the lighting system works with a proximity sensor mounted on the front of the leveller and signal lights (red and green) located outside and inside the dock.

Product datasheet

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